Childhood may certainly be fairly happy , but it's greatest moments

A Russian Legend

             Weeping Willow

Many years ago, in one Russian village, one young girl lived  .   The girl was very beautiful. Her blue eyes were like two deep and clear lakes, shining under the sun. She had eyebrows that were black, like a night. Her teeth- white sugar. Her pink chicks were like two juicy apples. But the most beautiful of her were her hair. They were so long, thick and light-brown, like field of golden wheat. The girl was never proud of her beauty. She liked people and always helped them in their needs.  The girl adored nature. She could speak with birds and understood what about trees are whispered about while it was windy.
 People in the village lived peacefully. But one day soldiers from the foreign country came in the village, fired all of the houses on their way. They also wanted to take such beautiful and talented girl to their country.    When the soldiers were close to her house there where trees that whispered to her and told about the danger.    For the girl there was nothing worse than to be far away from her Motherland. So she run to the river and cried:  " Oh, Mother-River, it is better to die here, on the bank of the river in my dear country, than continue living somewhere far away from it. O, Great River you are so large, you are so wise, please, help me, save me…" She was crying and her tears were dropping into the water of the river.
 When the soldiers came to the river, they could not find the girl they could see just a weeping willow. The tree looked like a young girl with long thick hair that was crying dropping one by one its tears in the water, like the girl did. The River saved that patriotic girl and she stayed in her Motherland then and forever. Even now you can find her somewhere on the bank of the river. And even now she is still crying,
dropping her tears into the water  .