" Don't cry , because , sun is with you . Warm and bright ."

 A short story         yullia


All night an old farmer noticed from the window that somebody is trying to open the door
of his storage .
He dialed  " 911 " on his phone .
  - "hello , police . Write down the adress . Somebody wants to rob my farm . "
  - "  Wait , there is no car  available . "  Said the police and hang up .
 The farmer waited but police didn ' t come .
  The man called again .
-  " please , wait . There is no car available now . "
The farmer waited for 15 minutes again . Nobody appeared . So he called again .
 - " Don ' t be hurry  . "   Said the farmer .    - " They can ' t escape now , I shot them with my gun . "
In 5 minutes  10 cars reached the farm .  the thiefs were arrested .
-  " You said that , you shot them  . "   The sheriff said  .
"  You said , there was no car available  .  .  . "   - Answered the farmer   .  .  .

The End


There was once a shepherd who took his sheep to the mountains near his village .He liked to play tricks on thevillagers .Therefore , when he reached the mountain h e shouted ,        " wolf  !   wolf  !  "
The villagers ran to help him and his sheep , but they found no wolf and saw that  he wasjoking . He repeated this joke many times  and laughed at the villagers when they came .
   one day a wolf really came and began to kill his sheep . He shouted loudly and called for help . This time nobody came . They thought he was playing a trick again . The silly
shepherd could do nothing and the wolf killed many of his sheep .

     There was once a foolish old man who had a bag of gold .  He dug a hole in the ground
and put the bag of gold into the hole .  Then he covered the hole with a stone .
He used to visit the place nearly every day . He would take away the stone and put  his
finger into the hole . Then he would touch the gold and feel very happy .
     One day he took the stone away and put his fingers into the hole . How angry and sad
he was when he discovered that his treasure was not there . Unbeknown to him , some -
body who had watched the man , had stolen the gold .
      The man went to a friend and sadly told him the story . his friend  said , " there is no
reason for you to be sad . your gold was useless to you . you just went and see the gold .
Now , you still have the hole ; and you can visit it again  whenever you like . All you  have
to do is to imagine that your treasure is still there .